First download: The Kenn Firpo Rent Explosion

Our first mp3 release is the ultra-rare The Kenn Firpo Rent Explosion, complete with cover art. This 12-piece noise machine played every club in Williamsburg & the LES around the turn of the millennium. With songs like "Mean, Mean Bunny", "Con-Ed Hole", "Cement Truck", & "Crack Ho (In A Backhoe)", this record will bring back fond memories of when you could sort of afford your rent & Cokie's was still open.
From the liner notes:
"Best described as a swirling and nefarious mélange of old school New York punk a la Ramones/Heartbreakers, early Pink Floyd and Monty Python, the band also manifest traces of Captain Beefheart, The Who, Hawkwind and Roxy Music. The polymorphously protean ensemble features a wide variety of sources of tonal tintinnabulation and timbral titillation including solo and choral vocals, guitar, bass, theremin and hot electronics, trap kit, trombone, trumpet and saxophone. Electronically recorded by the new 'stereo' process, the platter is sure to delight hi-fi enthusiasts and aural masochists. "
Download link: The Kenn Firpo Rent Explosion

First mp3s coming very soon!

As soon as some hosting issues are resolved (& we get permission from a couple of the artists to actually do this, after they said "Yes" in drunken bar-room conversations!), we will be posting our first mp3 download, complete with cover-art!!